Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pertemuan antara Jerman dan Portugal pagi tadi berjalan lancar sepanjang 90 minit permainan. Kedua-dua pasukan menunjukkan permainan menyerang dan menarik dengan kedua-dua pasukan dilihat berpeluang untuk menjaringkan gol.

Boleh dikatakan banyak babak yang menarik ditunjukkan sepanjang perlawanan yang diadili oleh pengadil perlawanan berasal daripada Prancis iaitu Stephane Lannoy. Pepe hampir membuka jaringan pada lewat babak pertama perlawanan, tetapi pengadil perlawanan bijak membuat keputusan kerana menafikan jaringan tersebut apabila ulang tayang juga menunjukkan bahawa rembatan Pepe yang mengenai palang tersebut hanya melantun diatas garisan gol dan tidak melepasinya.

Permainan bertambah menarik dan sangat adil. Pengadil Lannoy, yang terkenal dengan sikapnya yang suka melayangkan kad hanya mengeluarkan empat kad kuning kepada Holger Badstuber dan Jerome Boateng dari pasukan Jerman dan Fabio Coentrao dan Helder Postiga dari pihak Portugal.

Untuk pemain terbaik, Bastian Schweinsteiger telah menerima penghormatan tersebut. Konsistensi pemain Bayern Munich itu menjaga tempo permainan dan membuka peluang demi peluang hingga umpanan beliau akhirnya berjaya disudahkan oleh penyerang sensasi Mario Gomez untuk menewaskan penjaga gawang Portugal iaitu Rui Patricio.


Sementara pemain yang boleh dikatakan hambar adalah Luis Nani dari pasukan Portugal. Ancaman yang hadir dari pemain sayap kelab Manchester United itu hanya hadir ketika dia melepaskan tendangan jarak jauh di minit-minit akhir perlawanan,namun percubaan beliau pantas diselamatkan penjaga gawang pasukan German iaitu Manuel Neuer. Boleh saya katakan bahawa beliau hanyalah menjadi pelengkap di kawasan tengah Portugal, tanpa menunjukkan peranan maksima untuk pasukannya.

Perlawanan tersebut berakhir dengan keputusan German 1 - 0 Portugal.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Denmark telah mengejutkan Pasukan Pilihan Belanda pada pertemuan pembukaan Kumpulan B Euro2012. Bertemu di Stadium Metalist, anak didik Morten Olsen telah merakamkan kemenangan tipis 1-0 atas skuad Oranje.

Skuad bimbingan Bert van Marwijk sebenarnya bermain cukup bagus pada perlawanan itu, di mana para pemain bintang mereka menampilkan skill menawan. Akan tetapi, serangan-serangan yang dilakuan Belanda tidak cukup untuk membolosi pertahanan Denmark yang cukup kemas dan berdisiplin sepanjang perlawanan.

Walaupun Denmark seringkali diserang oleh Jentera Skuad Oranje,Kubu Denmark ternyata sangat efektif untuk menafikan kesemua serangan tersebut. Terbukti, Michael Krohn-Dehli berhasil mengejutkan Belanda di pertengahan masa-pertama ketika tendangannya tidak mampu ditepis oleh Maarten Stekelenburg.


Jaringan Michael Krohn-Dehli pada minit ke-24 ini telah melenyapkan hampir keseluruhan sorakan penyokong Oranje yang memenuhi Stadium Metalist. Pemain yang berasal daripada Kopenhagen dan bermain untuk kelab Liga Denmark iaitu Brøndby IF itu sangat bijak memperdayakan benteng pertahanan Belanda dengan gelecekan beliau yang sangat tenang dan melepaskan rembatan deras untuk menewaskan penjaga gawang Belanda iaitu Maarten Stekelenburg.

Selepas dikejutkan dengan dengan jaringan itu, Skuad kendalian Bert Van Marwijk bangkit dengan meletuskan serangan yang bertali arus, tetapi kesemuanya terus dinafikan oleh benteng pertahanan kebal pasukan Denmark

Keputusan 1-0 kekal sehingga wisel penamat ditiupkan oleh pengadil perlawanan iaitu Damir Skomina~!

Susunan Pemain:

Belanda (4-2-3-1): Stekelenburg; Van der Wiel, Heitinga, Vlaar, Willems; De Jong, Van Bommel; Robben, Sneijder, Afellay; Van Persie
Gantian: Vorm, Krul, Mathijsen, Bouma, Boulahrouz, Schaars, Strootman, Van der Vaart, Kuyt, Huntelaar, L De Jong, Narsingh

Denmark (4-2-3-1): Andersen; Jacobsen, Agger, Kjaer, S. Poulsen; Jorgensen, Eriksen, Zimling; Rommedahl, Bendtner, Krohn-Dehli

Gantian: Lindegaard, Schmeichel, Bjelland, Okore, Wass, C Poulsen, Schone, Silberbauer, J Poulsen, Kahlenberg, Pedersen, Mikkelsen



Russia: Malafeev; Anyukov, Ignashevich, Berezutski, Zhirkov; Denisov, Shirokov, Zyryanov; Arshavin, Kerzhakov, Dzagoev
Czech Republic: Cech; Gebre Selassie, Kadlec, Hubnik, Sivok; Rezek, Plasil, Rosicky, Jiracek, Pilar; Baros
Ref: Howard Webb
Factoid: Averaging out player weights, Russia have the lightest squad at Euro 2012, giving seven kilos per man to today's opponents. Which means, erm, that the Czechs should have the edge in the scrums.


3 min: The Czechs, who by the sounds of things have far more fans in the stadium, win the first corner and come close to making it count, as Russia fail to deal with the delivery properly and the ball almost run to Hubnik, but instead goes out for anoither corner. This time Malafeev punches it soundly to safety.
5 min: Plasil curls as freekick in from the left, Hubnik nuts it over the bar. But a reasonable opening from the Czechs. Russian are yet to get into their groove. What they need is one of those famously uplifting pep talks from their captain. Come on Andriy!
7 min: Dzagoev has been bigged up as one of the potential stars of this tournament because of his canny movement and influence. But his first touch, moments ago, was to tonk the ball straight out of play when a deft pass might have put Kerzakhov through.
9 min: Russia's continuing sluggishness is buoying the Czechs, who are making more and more inroads. Gebre Selassie has just raided all the way down the left wing before feeding Jiracek, who danced past two Russians ... and then mislaid his cross.
12 min: Russia really are inexcusably indolent. The Czechs are nothing special at all but are being allowed to canter into space all over the pitch - a better team than them would already have already exploited it and be a goal or two up.
14 min: That's better from Russia. Arshavin slid a lovely pass through to the overlapping Zhirkov, who pulled a pass back from the by-line to Kerzakhov, whose side-footer went wide.
GOAL! Russia 1-0 Czech Republic (Dzagoev 15') Zyranov clipped a beautiful cross to Kerzahov, whose header from eight yards rebounded out of the post ... but Dzagoev follwed up to hammer it into the net from 12 yards.
17 min: You have to fear for the Czechs now. Russia gave them the initiative but they weren't good enough to take advantage and now Russia have found their mojo and are starting to zip the ball around with gusto.
19 min: Dzagoev should have scored again! A slick Russian counterattack ripped the Czechs asunder and Dzagoev, completely unmarked, was presented with a chance to do whatever he liked with the ball from 18 yards. Composure abandoned him, however, and he slashed wildly wide.
21 min: Baros does well to skip past Zhirkov down the right but no one was expecting him to do so, thus his subsequent cross went to waste. "The Czech's response will depend on which Rosicky we get to see," hums Matt Dony. "The January-May model, who was at the heart of so much creativity and drive, or the pre-Christmas travesty, who generally appeared to be playing against Arsenal."
23 min: Russia do not look very stable when defending set-pieces. Another Plasil corner was allowed to float to an opponent, but Rezek's header was saved.
GOAL! Russia 2-0 Czech Republic (Shirokov 24') After Plasil gives the ball away in midfield, a prompt pass from Arshavin dissects the static Czech defence and Shirokov dinks the ball over Cech. They could fill their boots today.
27 min: Trickery by Arshavin wide on the right, followed by an inviting low ball across the face of goal. But it narrowly eludes Zyranov.
29 min: Russia defend a set-piece well! Plasil's freekick is repelled by the first man. "This is already a better tournament than World Cup 2010," notes Alistair Walker. And he has a point.
32 min: Nearly three! Arshavin whizzes down the left and then cuts the ball back for Kerzakhov, who fires inches over! The swine is taunting me and my bet! he should have a hat-trick by now. "That Russian No10 is tasty," cooes Adam Hirst. "Fast, tricky, energetic, interested. Be a few English clubs looking at him I imagine." Careful, that's the sort of AA that could drive a fan to drink. Having said that, you're right, Arshavin has turned terrific after an insignificant first 10 minutes.
36 min: Czechs' best chance of getting back into this is if the Russian midfield start getting complacent and not tracking runs. Signs of this are already becoming apparent but, again, the Czechs have not been able to summon enough precision in their passing to punish the slackness. And going forward, the Russians continue to look intent on enjoying themselves. "Did anyone else see Arshavin on A Question of Sport?" asks Steve Waterhouse. "Despite speaking next to no English, he was completely charming." I didn't see that. How did he convey his charm?
40 min: As the game goes through a lull, my colleague Henry McDonald has news of a banner that Irish fans are displaying as they party in Poland tonight. It reads: "Angela Merkel thinks we're at work!"
42 min: Gebre Selassie lashes down the right again and wins a corner off Zhirkov. But Plasil slipped as the tried to deliver and the ball does not go into the danger zone.
45 min: Kerzakhov collects the ball wide on the right and has a chance to eitehr dart into the box are pick out a team-mate who is already there. But he does neither.
Half-time: Greece mounted an improbable turn-around in the second half earlier today but a Czech comeback seems even more unlikely here. They simply do not appear to be good enough to make best use of the space that the Russians occassionally give them. Advocaat might be minded to make a substitute or two to prevent his team sliding any further into complacency. Some Izmailov and Pogrebynak action would go down well, for instance. Russia could win by four or five if they're bothered.
46 min: Czech substitution: Hubschman on for Rezek. That seems an attempt to shore things up and prevent the concession of more goals, which might torpedo their chances of scraping through the group on goal difference. That shouldn't concern them: on this evidence they are infgerior to Poland and Greece and will be eliminated on points.
48 min: Russia still need to go up a gear, the infuriating slackers. "I think although our attack looks strong, our defensive line is not that stable and sometimes look really sloppy and not confident enough," declares Anton from Siberia. "It can cost us some nervous finish unless we score one or two more goals before the final 20 minutes of the match. Hopefully, our Dutch coach has made some punishment during the break." Some punishment certainly deserved to be made.
50 min: Arshavin nnudges a cute ball through to Kerzakhov, who loses his balance as he's prepared to shoot. A minute later Kerzakhov is presetned with another opportunity but bog-toes the ball wide from the edge of the area.
GOAL! Russia 2-1 Czech Republic (Pilar 52') Russia are eventually punished for their negligence! Plasil was given enough room to swing an elephant in midfield. But that would have been ridiculous so, after sizing up his options, he instead slipped a lovely pass through to Pilar, who rounded the goalkeeper to slot into the net. A game that should have been over is now back on.
54 min: Rosicky, seemingly invigorated by that goal, hurtles down the right and wins a corner. Again Plasil's delivery is met by a Czech but Gebre Selassie couldn't direct his header on target.
55 min: Shirokov drives from deep ... and then gets completely carried away and attempts to find the top corner from 25 yards. Instead he found Finland. "This is completely apropos of nothing, but an advert's just been on during the break for a well known brand of orange juice in which an orange grower informs us 'Each glass contains the juice of two oranges. Bet you didn't know that'," reveals Phil Sawyer. "Now, I may be a naive waif set adrift trying to make sense of this interminably complex world, but surely the one thing one expects to find in a glass of orange juice is, well, orange juice. Or do advertisers now assume viewers are so stupid they need these things spelled out to them?" Presumably they thought everyone just figures these days that what is marketed as orange juice is in fact artifically coloured ditch water.
58 min: A promising Russian counter-attack founders when Shirokov gives the ball away when options were ample.
60 min: Baros has battled gamely on his lonesome up front but failed to get much change from the centrebacks. Pekhart might be a useful introduction at this point.
63 min: Zyranov wallops the ball well wide from 25 yards. Rather than show a replay, the cameraman decides to pan to a pretty blonde lady in the crowd. Again.
65 min: Kerzakhov! You clown! After a superb through-ball by Arshavin, the striker slashes wastefully wide yet again! He should have already secured the golden boot - and my fortune - by now.
68 min: Is he doing this on purpose? Kerzakhov romps down the right and all the way into a prime shooting position ... before whacking the ball way, way wide.
69 min: No, no, no! Kerzakhov gets the ball at the edge of the area ... cuts on to his left foot ... and blazes the ball into the stands!
72 min: Cracking effort by ... no, not Kerzakhov, obviously ... but rather Gebre Selassie, who met a cross-field ball with a delicious volley that smacked the sidenetting.
74 min: The inevitable has come to pass: Pavlyuchenko replaces Kerzakhov, who will presumably attmept to find a place on the bench but end up falling on to the grass.
76 min: Czech subtitution: Petzrela on, Jiracek off. "My goodness," gasps Brian Cloughley. "Having never seen Kerzhakov play but having read numerous half arsed tournament previews I was very tempted to put some money on him as top scorer too. Luckily I've learned my lesson from backing Jared Borgetti in successive World Cups." Borgetti, in fairness, did score one of the greatest headers of all time, at the 2006 World Cup.
79 min: Zhirkov darts into the box before his shot is deflected behind for a corner. meanwhile, here's Hugo Carreira with a true story. "A few years ago, here in Portugal, a friend who works as an accountant went to a factory of fruit sodas, as part of his work, to check where the money was spent. The owner was showing him around, proudly explaining everything to him, when my friend had the bad idea of asking where did they keep the fruit? The guy looked at him as if he were a neanderthal and said: "this is a state of the art facility, we don't use fruit."
GOAL! Russia 3-1 Czech Republic (Dzagoev 79') Perhaps that's where my money should have gone. A breaking ball falls to Pavlyuchenko, who knocked into the path of Dzagoev, who shows Kerzakhov how to finish by blasting into the net from 18 yards.
81 min: As the Russian fans jig in the stand, Mat Schulz feels the need to dances on my pain by revealing that Opta stats show that Kerzakhov is the first player in the history of the European Championship to hit seven shots off target in a single game.
GOAL! Russia 4-1 Czech Republic (Pavlyuchenko 82') As if to ensure that Kerzakhov does not feature again in this tournament, his replacement collects the ball inside the box, holds off his marker and thunders an unstoppable net past Cech.
84 min: Dzagoev, following an excellent display, trots off to be replaced by Kokorin.
86 min: Plasil curls a 25-yard freekick over the bar.
87 min: Arshavin slides another fine pass through to Kokorin, who creates room for a shot with a foxy flick past Kadlec ... but Cech saves.
90 min: Gebre Selassie, who has looked decent, attempts a shot from 25-yards. That wasn't so decent.
Full-time: A richly entertaining game ruined only by the wonky shooting of Kerzakhov. Russian were brilliant with the ball, yet strangely prone to lapses of interest, which could cost them against better opposition.



Tanpa disangka Perlawanan pembukaan EURO12 dicemari dengan dua kad merah yang dikenakan pengadil perlawan kepada pemain Poland Dan Greece~!

Berikut adalah analisi ringkas perlawan tersebut: 

Goals: Lewandowski (Poland) 17', Salpingidis (Greece) 51'
Sent off: Papastathopoulos (Greece), Szczęsny (Poland)
Poland: Szczęsny, Boenisch, Wasilewski, Perquis, Piszczek, Polanski, Rybus (Tyton), Obraniak, Murawski, Błaszczykowski, Lewandowski
Greece: Chalkias, Maniatis, A Papadopoulos (K Papadopoulos), Torossidis, Papastathopoulos, Holebas, Karagounis, Ninis (Salpingidis), Katsouranis, Samaras, Gekas (Fortounis)


Assalamualaikum semua pembaca~(ada yang baca ke?)
hari ni hati aku terbukak nak kembali aktif dalam mengUPDATE entry aku sebab,,
demam BOLA SEPAK sudah pon Bermula~!!


Seperti yang kita telah Maklum Kejohanan Bola Sepak Eropah adalah kejohanan ke-2 termasyhur selepas Piala Dunia kerana kejohanan ini menjanjikan sebuah persembahan yang amat menarik daripada negara - negara yang layak bertanding. Dan kejohanan ini juga adalah kejohanan yang paling banyak menyumbangkan beberapa pemain muda yang berbakat ke pentas dunia!

UEFA European Football Championship 12 ,atau lebih dikenali sebagai Euro 2012, adalah kejohanan bola sepak eropah yang ke-14 bagi kesemua negara-negara dibawah naungan UEFA. Kejohanan pada kali ini akan dilangsungkan di POLAND dan UKRAINE pada 8 Jun hingga 1 Julai 2012. Kejohanan ini pertama kali dilangsungkan di dua buah negara ini. Bidaan ini dipilih oleh Jawatankuasa Eksekutif UEFA pada tahun 2007.
Kejohanan pusingan akhir ini menampilkan 16 negara dan ianya adalah kejohanan terakhir yang akan melakukannya kerana kejohanan akan datang(bermula 2016) akan menampilkan 24 buah negara. Sebanyak 51 buah negara telah bertanding dipusingan kelayakan yang berlangsung diantara Ogos 2010 Hingga November 2011 yang lalu bagi merebut tempat di pusingan akhir yang dilangsungkan oleh Dua buah negara penganjur bersama ini. Juara keseluruhan bagi kejohanan ini akan mendapat kelayakan secara automatik untuk Piala Dunia FIFA 2013 yang akan berlangsung di Brazil.


Dua pasukan yang menghuni tangga pertama dan kedua dalam setiap kumpulan akan melayakkan diri keperingkat yang seterusnya iaitu peringkat "KALAH MATI"~!

Kesemua pasukan adalah kuat kerana mereka adalah antara 16 pasukan yang terkuat di negara EROPAH~!

Pilihan Penulis untuk menjuarai Kejohanan pada kali ini adalah:


Adakah pilihan saya tepat?? sama-sama kita nantikan~!
Pilihan anda semua pula bagaimana?? 


Monday, November 21, 2011



akhirnya KEMENANGAN berpihak kepada kita!
seluruh rakyat MALAYSIA pastinye berbangga dengan anak2 MUDA negara kita kerana telah berjaya sekali lagi untuk MEMATAHKAN EGO skuad GARUDA~!
kegembiraan yang tak terkata!
tetapi tidak dinafikan bahawa AIR MATA aku BERGUGURAN sebaik sahaja sepakan penalti yang diambil KAPTEN NEGARA iaitu BADDROL BAKHTIAR melepasi jaringan GOL~!


inilah detik2 yang paling MENGGEMBIRAKAN untuk seluruh RAKYAT MALAYSIA!
walaupon sepakannye dapat dibaca oleh penjaga gol pihak lawan iaitu KURNIA MEIGA,, tetapi mungkin kerana KEGUGUPAN beliau menghadapi KAPTEN HARIMAU,, bola itu terlepas lalu melepasi JARINGAN GOL~!

perlawanan semalam bermula dengan penguasaan skuad GARUDA apabila
Indonesia terus memberi ancaman melalui Andik Vermansyah dan Titus Bonai. Tendangan jarak jauh Andik gagal ditangkap dengan smpurna oleh Khairul Fahmi, namun "Tibo" yang mendapatkan bola muntah menendang bola tepat ke arah Khairul Fahmi.

Dua minit kemudian, giliran Patrich Wanggai yang mengancam gawang Malaysia, tetapi Fahmi berhasil menepis rembatan di dalam kotak penalti pemain dari kelab Persidafon Dafonsoro tersebut, sehingga menghasilkan tendangan penjuru.

Dan dari tendangan penjuru yang diambil oleh Oktovianus Maniani tersebut telah memberi gol untuk Indonesia yang ditanduk masuk oleh Gunawan Dwi Cahyo seawal minit ke-lima.

Malaysia mencuba keluar dari tekanan di babak awal, Pada minit ke-12 Malaysia hampir menyamakan kedudukan setelah umpanan silang Baddrol berhasil ditanduk oleh Asrarrudin Putra Omar tetapi sayang Kurnia Meiga berada dalam posisi yang
tepat untuk menepis bola tersebut.

Pertandingan berjalan dengan tempo yang sangat pantas, kedua2 pasukan saling menyerang satu sama lain. Namun, Malaysia yang memburu gol penyamaan dilihat lebih menguasai posisi tengah dan beberapa kali menekan pertahanan Indonesia, tetapi kekebalan pertahanan belakang Indonesia membuat Malaysia gagal memanfaatkan peluang mereka.

Namun, akhirnya pertahanan Indonesia dapat ditembus oleh Malaysia pada minit ke-35. Bermula dengan kesilapan Dirga Lasut, crossing yang dilepaskan oleh Baddrol dapat disudahkan dengan baik oleh Asrarudin dengan tandukannya, dan merubah kedudukan menjadi 1-1.

Indonesia mencuba menekan di awal babak kedua, namun peluang emas pertama yang dimiliki oleh Malaysia pada minit ke-53 melalui serangan balik oleh Fakri Saarani yang berjaya memboloskan dari perangkap offside mencuba untuk meledakkan gol melalui su
dut sukar, sayangnya Kurnia Meiga kembali dapat menyelamatkan gawangnya.

Pada minit ke-64, giliran Indonesia yang mendapatkan peluang emas untuk menjaringkan gol. Aksi individu Patrich Wanggai hampir memberi Indonesia kembali mendahului, tetapi tendangannya tersasar ke luar jaringan.

Malaysia kembali mengancam melalui bola mati, dan Kurnia Meiga dipaksa terbang untuk menepis tendangan bebas kapten Malaysia Bakhtiar Baddrol pada minit ke-84. Hingga babak kedua berakhir, kedudukan seimbang 1-1 sehingga waktu sebenar tama

sebaik sepakmula bagi masa tambahan,,
Indonesia sempat menjaringkan gol melalui Ferdinand Sinaga ketika babak tambahan pertama baru dua minit berlalu,tapi alhamdulillah kerana gol tersebut dibatalkan kerana Okto telahpun offside terlebih dahulu.

Pada babak tambahan kedua, Indonesia terus mengurung pertahanan Malaysia. Beberapa kali peluang melalui bola mati diperolehi Egi dan juga Titus Bonai namun kekebalan Khairul Fahmi membuat peluang tuan rumah menjadi mentah. Kedudukan 1-1 akhirnya bertahan hingga babak tambahan berakhir.

akhirnya, Indonesia harus mengaku KEUNGGULAN Malaysia di babak akhir ini.

Titus Bonai, Egi dan Abdulrahman berhasil membolosi Khairul Fahmi tetapi Gunawan dan Ferdinand Sinaga gagal membolosi WIRA NEGARA kita itu! Manakala Malaysia pula,empat pemain kita iaitu, Mahali, Fandi, Fadhli Sas dan Baddrol mampu membolosi Kurnia Meiga dan hanya Fakri Saarani sahaja yang gagal!


kira-kira 1,000 penyokong berada dilapangan terbang LCCT pagi tadi bagi menyambut kepulangan WIRA2 NEGARA yang berjaya menundukkan INDONESIA dengan 4-3 melalui penentuan sepakan PENALTI.
ALHAMDULILLAH dan kita harapkan agar kejayaan ini akan berterusan.


lupakan kegembiraan seketika,, dan mula fokus pada perlawanan yang akan datang,, esok pasukan olimpik kita akan berdepan dengan pasukan olimpik syria..
semoga kejayaan yang datang semalam akan berterusan sehingga ke hari esok..
cuma apa yang aku harapkan,,
ONG KIM SWEE akan merombak sedikit bahagian serangan NEGARA!
pasukan kita SANGAT SEMPURNA di bahagian MIDFIELD dan juga DEFEND, tetapi kurang di bahagian STRIKER!
apa yang menghairankan aku hari ini adalah,, bagaimanakah FAKRI SAARANI boleh dipilih untuk menyertai pasukan olimpik negara sedangkan beliau seolah2 kaku apabila memegang bola?
liaht saja dalam perlawanan semalam.. beliau mendapat tiga peluang keemasan tetapi gagal untuk menembus jaringan lawan..
bukan sahaja ketika perlawanan sebenar.. malahan ketika sepakan penalti..
apa yang dapat aku rumuskan ialah.. beliau telah banyak MENGECEWAKAN seluruh rakyat MALAYSIA~!


maaf jika keterlaluan,, tetapi aku terlalu berharap agar ada pemain yang lebih kuat dapat diturunkan pada perlawanan menentang SYRIA esok.. dan pemain itu bukan FAKRI SAARANI!
sampai disini sahaja karangan aku..

Sunday, November 20, 2011


aku sedih sesangat pagi ni sebab aku dapat berita daripada kawan aku tentang~
dah la main kt STAMFORD BRIDGE~!
kalau main kat ANFIELD aq boleh terima lagi~!


ni la muke2 penjahanam yang menjaringkan gol dalam perlawanan menentang CHELSEA semalam..
sedih aku.. dah la xdpt tengok game semalam tu..
nk FINAL la katekan.. so dok rumah BACE BUKU laah~ hehehe~

sebenarnye kalau korang nak tahu.. GLEN JOHNSON tu ex-player CHELSEA..
mase zaman kegemilangan JOSE MOURINHO dulu...
aku ade buktinye...


ha~~ korang tengok lencana kat baju BELIAU itu?
lepas tu baru la dye berpindah ke PORTHSMOUTH dan juge LIVERPOOL~!
ape2 pon aku tetap MENYIRAP ngn MAMAT kat atas ni!


thanks to DANIEL STURIDGE kerana telah menjaringkan satu gol untuk CHELSEA semalam~!
beliau mencuba untuk mengejar LIVERPOOL semalam dengan menjaringkan GOL penyamaan..
tapi sayangnya GLEN JOHNSON telah memusnahkan impian CHELSEA di tempat SENDIRI!

ini semua salah lelaki dibawah ini!


ini lah PEMILIK bagi kelab CHELSEA F.C!
aku menyalahkan beliau kerana sanggup mengeluarkan 50M untuk FERNANDO TORRES..
seorang pemain yang sememangnya DIRAGUI semenjak di LIVERPOOL lg..
tetapi beliau MERAGUI untuk mengeluarkan 50M untuk NEYMAR!
seorang pemain yang SEMEMANGNYA diPERCAYAI boleh memberi KEJAYAAN untuk CHELSEA!


gambar2 diatas adalah 3orang pemain yang baru dibeli oleh ABRAMOVICH musim ini..
antara 3 orang pemain ini..
hanya JUAN MATA sahaja yang benar2 membuahkan hasil.
beliau juga banyak membantu kejayaan chelsea pada musim ini..

ORIOL ROMEU juga membantu ketika dimasukkan ketika menentang
menentang FULHAM dalam PIALA CARLING.
tetapi beliau kurang mendapat kepercayaan dalam perlawanan utama seperti

apa yang aku boleh katakan adalah.. INDAH KHABAR DARI RUPA!
sebelum beliau dibeli daripada ANDERLECHT,
ramai yang mengatakan bahawa beliau adalah jelmaan DROGBA?
puiihh! aku paling meluat bile tengok dye masuk sewaktu DEBUTnye
menetang NORWICH CITY!
pegang bola pon KAKU! kena lah dengan namanya luKAKU!

5 perkara yang dapat kita pelajari dalam perlawanan semalam adalah:

1 André Villas-Boas is already a manager under pressure.

2 The days of Chelsea's stingy defence are long gone.
3 Liverpool are still a work in progress.
4 Big money arrivals are still to sett
le at both clubs.
5 Yet there was one solid signing on deadline day.

thats all~!
apa yang aku harapkan.. kekecewaan aku dapat ditebus pada malam ini!!
perlawanan yang paling penting iaitu:


harap-harap MALAYSIA dapat menewaskan EGO INDONESIA..L sekali lagi!